This is a cute and classic Jeans shorts and it will make your child the cutest one.The size below is just a guidance,please kindly consider your actual needs and choose a correct size,thank you for your attention,have shopping fun!
How to choose apparel size?
Detail sizes: 1inch=2.54cm
Size 2-3 Years: Pants length:8.6 in 1/2Waist:9.4 in 1/2Hip:11.0 in Recommended height:35.9-38.2 in
Size 3-4 Years: Pants length:9.0 in 1/2Waist:9.8 in 1/2Hip:11.4 in Recommended height:38.2-40.6 in
Size 4-5 Years: Pants length:9.4 in 1/2Waist:10.2 in 1/2Hip:11.8 in Recommended height:40.6-42.9 in
Size 5-6 Years: Pants length:9.8 in 1/2Waist:10.6 in 1/2Hip:12.2 in Recommended height:42.9-45.2 in
Size 7-8 Years: Pants length:10.2 in 1/2Waist:11.0 in 1/2Hip:12.6 in Recommended height:47.6-49.9 in
Size 9-10 Years: Pants length:10.6 in 1/2Waist:11.4 in 1/2Hip:13.0 in Recommended height:52.2-54.6 in
Size 11-12 Years: Pants length:11.0 in 1/2Waist:12.2 in 1/2Hip:13.4 in Recommended height:56.9-59.2 in
Size 13-14 Years: Pants length:11.4 in 1/2Waist:13.0 in 1/2Hip:14.2 in Recommended height:61.6-63.9 in


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